Shops: Where To Buy Miki’s Art

… money money…

I am sorry, but here I have to become businesslike! To be an artist is a profession like any other, and sometimes I too have to do things which I don’t really like or want to do. Speaking about selling and money is one of them. I have heard anyway that we French have this peculiarity in our genes, that it is considered ‘bad form’ to speak about money. I guess even more so when they are artists, as the French are so sophisticated when it comes to art!
So, here I am with all the shops where you can buy my art.

Fine Art America


Goodaboom Boutique

I do love it whenever people buy my art, however small or big the purchase is. Considering the quantity of artists there are in the world nowadays, it is almost a wonder to get noticed. And when people have found you, and are ready to spend some money on you, there is really no bigger honour, especially nowadays in these difficult financial times…
But as I always say, the money must be somewhere, it does not disappear really from the surface of the earth… so, good when it is spent on art!