Planet Goodaboom

About Planet Goodaboom


NO !

G O O D  A  B O O M !

Planet GOODABOOM might be the smallest planet in the universe, but it is probably the craziest and surely one of the youngest, being born on 25th December 2006 as the result of an explosive encounter between  two highly creative natures:

Miki, a French artist and mathematician, and Kev Moore, an English Rock musician, songwriter and lead singer.

  I want  to share my life on Goodaboom with you, show you things about my art and everything else which makes our life here so unique.

For some mysterious reason, it is not possible to make photos of our planet. Every time I try, I get only a big rainbow on the photo. Yet strangely enough, it hardly ever rains here…

I have made some quick paintings of it though, to show you how it looks like, somehow. They are just impressions as here fields and mountains and waters and trees and houses tend to move at the speed of light and have little time to rearrange themselves before the next move… this might be the reason why I can’t catch them with the camera by the way… and why it all looks quite chaotic on Planet Goodaboom!