Miki de Goodaboom

About Miki de Goodaboom

Miki de Goodaboom is a professional French artist, born in the Pyrenees a long long time ago…
Her works have been sold and published worldwide… still counting!

Her painting is a reflection of her life: a permanent oscillation between light and shadow, lines and shapes, times and places, always looking for that equilibrium which she can only find in continuous movement, in the mysterious and the unknown.

A life divided between two passions: mathematics and painting. The first as a supreme form of abstract art ruling her universe… The second as a way of cementing the beauty of that art.

I prefer dancing on a volcano rather than to sit at home!
I love the colour, the contrast, the ordered chaos, the desert and the ocean
And all that, always, fairly strewn with humour and chocolate flakes!

And who ever you are, what ever you do, which ever language you speak,

I will be happy to have you on board in my boat floating upon the seas of all our universes…”

“… I love travelling, for me this is the best way not to get stuck in an everyday routine, and of course to learn about our world and its folks, fauna and flora. Travel art has automatically become a very important part of my body of work. Here are a few photos of me taken during some of my painting trips over recent years…”

And if you want to know a little bit more about her, go and read her Confessions. Well, it is just the beginning of revealing the secrets of a weird creature always trying to find her balance between good and evil! Also, browsing around the galleries and other pages from this site, apart from the paintings,  you will find many words revealing more about her nature and character, especially about what she loves.

PS: Miki speaks quite fluently French, English, Spanish and German, also some Italian, Portuguese and Russian. So, don’t hesitate to contact in any of these languages!