Dawn Paintings

I love the dawn. I love its pale light which seems to emanate from all present elements: from the sky of course, but also from the earth, from the fields, the trees, the plants and nature and even from the houses. Nevertheless my life style in my beautiful Andalusia does not really allow me to witness the dawn that often, the tendency being here to go to bed just before dawn! But there was a time in my life, when I was living and working in Germany, when I had less personal freedom. I got up every day in what seemed to me like the middle of the night to go and swim my daily kilometre at 6h30, before sitting at my desk at 7h30. This was tough, but really, what a peaceful pleasure every time to witness the birth of the day!
Watercolour seems to me the perfect technique to paint the dawn, and I feel a deep pleasure in trying to paint these fantasy landscapes at dawn as if they were newborn, shy, hesitant, almost transparent in their transitional state between night and day, between invisibility and visibility… But I am aware that I find it difficult to stay pale in my use of colours: even with watercolours, even at dawn, I often can’t help having them bursting out of the paper in their boldness. A very personal note, probably due to the fact that I never could start anything quietly, and certainly not the day. Even when I was born I screamed like hell! The doctor said to my mother that I would be an opera singer later. Bad call: the truth is that I can hardly sing!


These paintings are available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper, canvas or metal, and also as greeting cards.
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