Still Life

Painting Still Life

Every now and again -unfortunately less so in recent years- I feel the urge to paint flowers. Many people think that to paint flowers, or still life – is quite uncool and old-fashioned, and perhaps it is. But I do enjoy it sometimes. I enjoy the colours, shapes and textures of flowers. And a beautifully done still life can be a delight too. Something with transparent bottles, or metal in which reflections can be seen, fruit, etc.,  stuff like that can be a real challenge for the artist! Sometimes I see sketches of still lives with bottle, glasses and fruits, which I did with my students  in my drawing school a long time ago, exercises to teach them drawing of course, but more than that, to teach their eyes to see the fine nuances of shapes, colours, shadows and light, textures. etc. And always, when I see the examples I did for them, I find them very attractive and  I think I should paint this kind of stuff again. But I never seem to take the time. Unconsciously I  must think, like so many others, that it is not important, that it is “uncool”.  But at least I paint coffee mugs quite regularly, you might have seen them in my “Coffee with Art” gallery.

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These still life paintings, and many others, are available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper, canvas or metal, and also as greeting cards.
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And as I said, I did paint many flowers in the past. Often they were thought up as free exercises to loosen the hand, and most of the time my flowers were invented, or painted from memory. And my flowers rarely stand well-arranged in a vase or tied to the earth. My flowers tend to float in the air, like coloured clouds. sometimes even like UFOs! I love them free, without roots, like I love everything free and rootless… like myself!