Adults Portraits

Adults Portraits

Adult portraits are probably the ones I prefer painting and drawing. And the older these adults are, the more I like to paint them! It might be the result of my special love for elderly people, to which I have dedicated their own gallery:
“My Dear Old People”

But it is above all due to the fact that, to me, “older” faces are more interesting. When one knows how to read them, one really can understand the main character traits of a person. Old people’s faces speak volumes to me, the story of their life in vertical, horizontal, diagonal and curved lines called “wrinkles”. To be honest I don’t like my own wrinkles (oh vanity!), but I love other people wrinkles, I find them beautiful, at least starting at a certain age…
I also like portraits of adults in folkloric, local, traditional or even work suits. I like to paint them in beautiful clothes, with jewels, feathers or whatever people wear to make themselves look more special or to tell their own story.

Some of my adult portraits, and many others, are available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper, canvas or metal, and also as greeting cards.
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Please contact me if you are interested in having a portrait done by me and/or need some additional info about price, technique and delivery time.

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