Painting Portraits

I started making portraits when I was quite young, still a mathematics and physics student in the university of Goettingen in Germany. I didn’t want to paint from photos, but then I had no money to pay for models. So when I went out to dance in the discos -yes, some mathematicians can dance too!- I used to ask strangers if they would sit for me. They generally said yes, in fact they felt honoured to be asked, although I always mentioned that I was a beginner in portraiting.
Well, I was quite an attractive exotic thing in those days, so this surely helped the decision process, at least by guys. I chose many different people, men, women, younger, older, bearded, unbearded, hairy, hairless, black,white, yellow, red etc. These portraits sessions were absolutely  fascinating, I always went into deep communion with the subject, somehow trying to enter their soul through their facial features. At the beginning of the session, they were always tense, sat bolt upright, like statues. But after a while, and due to the charming conversation with the exotic French artist, they just relaxed and forgot what they were doing there. Then it was time to start. They adopted very naturally their own position, with all the special details which in fact make them themselves and recognisable. I found out that the way how people hold their head was one of the most important personal features, especially the angle between the vertical line and the line of the neck. This makes at least 50% of the person. You can make a fast sketch of a person, with the head and shoulders outlines only, and in most of the cases you can already recognise him!

These portrait paintings, and many others, are available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper, canvas or metal, and also as greeting cards.
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Unfortunately I don’t have any of these beginners portraits anymore. I gave most of them to my models, they always wanted them, even if they were artistically bad. They really loved them, and weirdly enough, they always recognised themselves. I guess it was simply a good memento for them.  But I would love to see them. I know they were not good, I was just starting and portrait art is perhaps the most challenging one, but I am sure that they were quite touching in their way, and certainly very honest. But who knows, somebody from my German past who sat for me might come across this site: I would be immensely happy if she/he would say hello, and perhaps, they kept their portrait for all this time and can show it to me? An unrealistic hope, I know…

Nowadays  I do mainly portraits on commission. Most of the time clients want a portrait of a member of the family, often children and grand-children. Pets too. But also some people order paintings of somebody they loved that have passed away. Or they want a portrait of their favourite actor,  sportsman, musician, etc.

Please contact me if you are interested in having a portrait done by me and/or need some additional info about price, technique and delivery time.

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