Polynesia and The Carribean Islands

Painting Polynesia and The Caribbean Islands

I have a brother, well, in fact I have two brothers. One of them lives in Tahiti. He was once a high ranking officer in the French army, with the promise of  climbing even higher, but then he eventually decided to realise his dream: he bought a sailing boat, left the army, left his family and went sailing solo around the world. At least  this was his intention. But at some point he reached Tahiti and he found it so great and laid back that he simply never left. And he has been living there for many years now, still happy. I guess he finds it quite relaxing to be exactly on the opposite side of  the world to where his exhausting family (me included) is living!

Anyway in the past he thought I should make a painting exhibition featuring Tahiti, and together we chose the theme “The Children from Tahiti”. He spent much time travelling around the islands, searching for the best motifs for me. Well, I painted these beautiful Tahitian children, some more stuff from there too, and when I had enough material, he met a Spanish woman there, fell in love and had no energy left to organise that exhibition for me! Yes, Spanish women are quite demanding…

These paintings of Polynesia and Caribbean Islands are available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper, canvas or metal, and also as greeting cards.
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