Czech Republic

Painting The Czech Republic

Prague had always been on my travel wish list. I remember when I was living in Germany, how the people came back fascinated, especially the artists among them, always emphasizing what great and cheap painting materials one could buy there!  But for some obscure reasons, I never made it in that time of my life, and therefore had the deep pleasure to discover it with Kevin, who despite being a much-travelled musician, had also never been there. We  flew to the Czech Republic in July 2011, the main reason though, being a concert in Loket by our favourite supergroup Black Country Communion. We only spent a week there, sharing the time between Prague and Loket.  Prague is indeed a fascinating city: I even heard myself saying; “I would love to live a part of the year here!”, Me! – who usually hates capitals! The atmosphere in the city is incredible, vibrant and crowded but cosy at the same time. One just feels immediately at home! Spending only 3 days there, we could only see the main attractions, but it certainly was a fantastic avant-gout of how enchanting life there must be! And unfortunately the time was much too short to do much artwork.. but on the other hand, the world does not really need my paintings of Prague, many great artists have painted it, and still are doing so!


These paintings of the Czech Republic are available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper, canvas or metal, and also as greeting cards.
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