Balearic Islands

Painting The Balearic Islands

I have recently (March 2015) spent 2 weeks in Majorca, the biggest of the Balearic Islands. I have known Spain almost all my life, coming here for the first time as I was one year old, an yet I never had the idea to visit the Balearic Islands. The main reason was that I thought they are a totally tourist area, full of people partying all night, and without any artistic interest. Well, I was so wrong!
I have absolutely adored our time in Majorca. We had decided to travel with our little sport car, to drive to Denia (about 350 kilometres north of where we live) to take the ferry. It was a long trip, but well, we both love ferries, and this was the first time we took our lovely car with us in holidays! It resulted to be a great idea, as it was the perfect car to drive along the narrow, steep and sinuous roads from Majorca, full of all kind of vehicles, and especially bikes!
We were based the first week in a lovely flat in the centre of Palma, and the second week in port D’Alcudia on the other side of the island, exploring everything around these two towns. I loved everything there: the towns, the villages, the landscapes, the seascapes, the people, the general atmosphere. It is full on wonderful motifs for an artist and I sketched and painted many places. This time of the year the weather was not always good, especially the day we had chosen to do a ferry trip to Menorca. This is way some of my paintings don’t feature the traditional blue sky, and in fact, sometimes it makes it more interesting.
On the way back from Majorca to Denia, the ferry made a stop at Ibiza, to let travellers in and out, and we could have a glance of the capital. It looked beautiful, and I even made some sketches from the ferry. But I hope to go back there one day, spending time to paint Ibiza.


These paintings of the Balearic Islands are available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper, canvas or metal, and also as greeting cards.
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