Painting by Countries

Painting by Countries

I called this gallery Painting by Countries in analogy to the well-known Painting by Numbers. I wish that I could paint the whole world, country by country! The landscapes, the people, the animals, the flowers, the trees… Unfortunately 1000 lives would not be enough to fulfil this dream, so I simply paint all the places we visit.  I love travelling, this is for me the best way not to get stuck in an everyday routine. I get extremely excited planing the next trip, browsing the net to find an exotic and beautiful travel destination. And then I can’t wait to hit the road or take to the air again. I especially love travelling in our Boomobile, the official vehicle of Planet Goodaboom, our atelier and music studio on wheels. I always envied the gypsy life- not the sedentary ones, the moving ones -  “les gens de voyage” as we call them in my native country…-

one day here, one day there…

The paintings above are only examples. To access the galleries of each country, press on the corresponding purple buttons below.




You may have visited one of these places at some time, and can recognise them in my paintings, although I am not a very reality-driven painter, sorry.. my sketches are more quick impressions of the places, often even interpretations of my feelings about them. But always when I look back at them, they instantaneously  bring me back exactly to the places and times where I did the artworks, much more than photographs in fact.. And when my clients tell me that  are reliving their own beautiful memories of past travels through my paintings, then I am over the moon!