My Dear Old People

Painting The Old People

I always had a sweet place in my heart for old people. I don’t know why, but they touch me deeply, probably more than babies, children, couples in love, etc. or pets (yes, some people are more sensitive to animals than to humans!). The reason is perhaps that one of my grandmothers lived with us since my birth, and was always there for me, and that I adored the other one. I cannot stand to see them suffer, to see them harmed, injured or disrespected. And more than anything I cannot bear to see them lonely. Well, almost everybody will have experienced one of their close elders spending the remainder of their life in the “death corridors”, as I call them. By that I mean the long corridors in the retirement homes, where the old people spend their days from morning to evening, waiting for their meals, and especially for the last meal… My grandmother ended up in one of them when the family was scattered around the world and she didn’t want to follow any of us. I remember how I suffered when visited her there, always finding her sitting in a chair, immobile,¬† alone or in a row with other old people, in these corridors. It just broke my heart…

These old people paintings, and many others, are available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper, canvas or metal, and also as greeting cards.
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Anyway, artistically, motifs with old people have always attracted me, and at some point -I think it was after one of my travel sketches depicting an old couple walking the streets of Lisbon in Portugal was featured in many places internationally – I decided to make a series of old people from around the world, alone or together. So when we travel now, I always keep an eye out for old people motifs: perhaps not the best way to enjoy my trips though, focussing on stuff which hurts my heart! But well, sometimes I see old people enjoying the rest of their lives together, and this always makes my day! In any case, it is always extremely interesting to see their interaction with the world, according to their sex, and to where they live. I have already experienced huge differences: in some countries, one hardly sees old people outside, as if they were somehow taboo in public!