The Lovescapes

The Lovescapes: Painting Love

This series has an unusual story. Many years ago I was living on the Costa Blanca and at some point I even had a little drawing and painting school there, a funny one, with art students ranging from 7 to 77 and from all nationalities and languages. Quite a challenge to give classes to this diverse public, let me tell you! Anyway one day, following their wishes wanting “to paint like me, so loose and free…”,  I introduced a series of classes whose aim was to free the brain and the hand with the use of  watercolour. The idea was quite simple: just taking the brush, some primary colours, and without thinking, making free shapes on the paper. I always loved those kind of free exercises, while my students were rather scared by it: it was for them like jumping into a deep black hole! Anyway last year I moved the last few things from my house there -still have it!-, and one day, browsing through all the material, I found these exercises. I was amazed how lovely the results were…

These love paintings, and many others, are available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper, canvas or metal, and also as greeting cards.
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