Fun with Bulls

Funny Bulls

The “Funny Bulls” series was created some years ago, in connection with a big ecard company. They loved my bullfight paintings, so they asked me to make some artworks related to this theme, and suitable for ecards. People sending ecards at occasions such as Christmas, Easter, baby birth, celebrations, birthdays, hug day, falling in love, etc, it was quite a challenge to fit bullfighting into it!
I had painted many bullfight artworks before, serious ones I mean. The ones where the bulls get badly hurt and eventually die at the end. For this series, I chose to reverse the situation and paint from the bull’s perspective, and to make fun of the bullfighters- Even making them die at the end if necessary.

I did enjoy painting this series of funny bulls, and thought that the anti-bullfight fanatics from around the world, who never ceased to attack and offend me, would be happy now. Far from true! On the contrary, an Irish animal protection league blackmailed the ecard company, threatening to run a big worldwide campaign against them and ruining their business. They argued that it was obscene to use such a cruel thing as bullfight for lovely and even religious events such as Christmas, Valentines, New Year, Weddings, etc. I won’t say that I don’t understand them. But on the other hand, why should they dictate which cards people want to send on these occasions? So eventually it was a very small bunch of people in Ireland who decided that nobody in the world should send ecards with bulls on them. This cannot be right!

My funny bull artworks, and many others, are available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper, canvas or metal, and also as greeting cards.
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