Coffee with Art

Painting Coffee Mugs

WE, Kevin and me,  just love milk coffee! And we love coffee cups even more!
We never miss an occasion, wherever we are, to fall in love with a coffee cup and to buy it: luckily you can buy this kind of love! And people who know me well, never think twice about which gift they could give me.

Anyway it came to be that each of our coffee cups is fabulous, and has a story worth a painting. For example, as we were travelling through Crete in April 2012, I started a series, featuring some of the coffee breaks we had along the roads. It was quite fascinating in which kind of mugs we got our lattes , expressos, capuccinos, black solid soup or whatever they served us under the name “milk coffee”.

These coffee paintings, and many others, are available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper, canvas or metal, and also as greeting cards.
Please “click here to purchase” from the widget below to access my Shopping Cart Online. Then choose the gallery “Coffee And Cafe Art” in the menu on the left side.

Some years ago I thought that everybody in the world must have one or many lovely coffee cups with a story.
So we had the idea to create a new cyber club, “The Coffee Cup Club”, where everybody can present his or her favourite coffee cup (s), telling us the story connected to them.
We  rented a place for the club on the net. The Cafe Worked well for a long time, but is slowly down since the economical crisis. Nowadays hardly anybody in this world has time and energy to get interested in such “unimportant” things as mugs… even I deserted it a long time ago, fed-up to sit alone there most of the time! But the place is still open, and if you want to share your mugs and stories with us, you are still welcome!

PS: if you feel generous and want to make me a gift, just buy me a lovely mug. I will never say “it was not necessary” and I will be grateful for ever!