The Biblescapes

The Biblescapes: Bible Paintings

My series of Bible paintings was created on demand. While travelling through the Southern United States in January and February 2010 , I was contacted by a churchman from the Lake District/UK, writing to me the following words:

“… we have a large Christian convention in Keswick for 3 weeks in July and Keswick is deluged with people. So, I wonder if you could paint some pictures in your unique style similar to Celebration of Life which will link in to the themes at the convention…”.

I first thought, hmm.., how should I paint religious themes? I am not religious at all, or perhaps I should say, I don’t believe really in all those beautiful stories told in the Bible. But I have to say that I am not anti-religious either, not at all. I totally accept that people are religious and live according to their faith. As long though as they don’t hurt people having another faith. And in fact I was myself educated within the Catholic church, so I guess, it is still within me somewhere. Anyway, if I compare my own rules of life in society with the ones of the Christianity, I think I can say that I am deeply Christian in my behaviour.
But with time passing by and after casting a new look over my Fantascapes, I thought, well, some of them have a religious atmosphere, kind of, and could be slightly altered in such a way as to convey some bible-ish story. As I came back from the States, I started working on this new project, called “The Biblescapes” and oh, what a surprise!, I enjoyed it a lot! Who knows, I might be religious after all… well, having had a Catholic education for many years as I was a child, the roots are certainly deep!

These Biblescapes are available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper, canvas or metal, and also as greeting cards.
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