Some people say – these are mostly the art critics- that I paint too many things in too many styles and using too many techniques. That looking at my galleries, one thinks that it is a group exhibition of too many different artists.

They say: THIS IS BAD!


Well, I don’t agree! To start with, when they say “focus”, they mean: once you have found a theme, a style and a technique which work for you, then stick to them! This is for me not a definition of focussing, but of artistic death. Sorry, I would rather focus on life!

I paint everything that excites me artistically, and this is pretty much everything in our wonderful world. I love all styles, and I love all techniques. Which one I use when, only depends on my moods, and these change terribly fast!

So, here I am, with all this stuff I paint. Please Click on the purple buttons to access the galleries which might interest you. And if you can’t find anything, then I can definitely say that I don’t paint enough!!!


and, last but not least

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