Coffee Art

Coffee Mugs Paintings Video

Kev Moore, who wrote the video soundtrack, says:

“… The music accompanying this dizzy array of Coffee Cup Art was initially inspired by one of our first projects together – a blog called Cafe Crem, where we met, interacted and created with new friends and artists from around the world. The song had already featured in a short video of photos of Miki and I having coffee here, there and everywhere on our travels, and even morphed into another version: ‘The Tealinho Mambo’ for my Derby County football Club CD a couple of years ago.

I sing and play everything on the track, as well as writing and producing it.

When Miki told me that she wanted to present her coffee cup paintings in a video, there was only ever going to be one song to accompany it: ‘The Coffee Cup Mambo’!…”