Biblescapes Video

Kev Moore, who wrote the video soundtrack, says:

“… As Miki asked me to provide a piece of music that would fit well to her Biblescapes series, as she considered compiling them into a video, I immediately thought of a track from my Blue Oddysey CD.  It’s called ‘A Mississippi Prayer’ and I can recall the exact moment when the idea for the song came to me. We were driving South from Clarksdale, following the mighty Mississippi river down to New Orleans, and I looked out from the two-lane blacktop to the endless fields stretching out and away from the river banks.   I imagined those bygone days, the toil and the struggle of the black man as he worked the cottonfields, and the sheer power of the music that was borne out of their suffering, and their celebrations. The song is simple, loosely in the form of a spiritual, and as I listen back to it, I find it hard to think of it as my work – and I think that’s because I channelled something very powerful as we drove through the Southlands – the weight of history. I’m not religious, but a piece like this is the closest I’ll ever come, and so it seemed apt to use it as an accompaniment to Miki’s beautiful bible stories brought to life by her art…”