Art Books

Art Books

My art has inspired some poets from around the world, something which I am very happy about, not to mention proud of. The first of them is, of course, my wonderful partner Kev Moore, English musician, songwriter and writer. I have put together some of his poems in the form of poetry ebooks, presenting the paintings and the corresponding poems.

A Brush With Poetry

Watercoloured Words

Kaleidoscope World

I have started with Kev’s poetry -nobless oblige!-, and will gradually add some more books by other poets.
If you are a poet too, or a writer and feel inspired by my artwork, please contact me. I would be happy to add your work to my wonderful collection.
Also, I have put together a book called “Off The Wall Art”, where I present the different ways my art, apart from writing, has been used around the world. It is quite interesting and sometimes really amazing which kind of people use my art, and in which circumstances…

Off The Wall Art

And to be honest, I hope it will give you good ideas about ways of enriching your private or business life with my art!